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Incorporations and Registrations

Includes federal, provincial and extra-provincial registrations of corporations, trade names, name changes, and annual returns. We are the registered office of over 700 corporations.

Tax Efficient Reorganizations

Includes implementing amalgamations, dissolutions, butterfly transactions, and trusts. We handle rollovers under sections 85 and 93 of the Income Tax Act, as well as estate freezes and pipeline transactions, as needed to streamline corporate structures for tax and succession.

Ownership Arrangements

Includes negotiating and drafting unanimous shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, profit-sharing and stock option agreements, and joint venture agreements.

Business Purchases and Sales

Includes acting for business owners selling or purchasing shares or assets of a variety of sectors, including professional practises, oil and gas businesses, dealerships, retail and restaurant franchises, and farming operations.

Family Farm Transitions

Includes family farm rollovers of land and/or of shares under sections 70 and 73 of the Income Tax Act, together with strategies to multiply the capital gain exemption under section 110.6 of the Income Tax Act. We work with farms owned personally, in partnership, or by a corporation.